Blogger Tutorial 4: Embedding Media.

Welcome to Web Whiz! In this tutorial you will learn how to embed video and audio into your blog.


If you don’t want to watch the tutorial, here is a list of what you have to do to embed media into your posts.


  1. Go to your blog. (You should be signed in.)
  2. Click new post.
  3. Type in a title for your post that is going to display a picture.
  4. In the compose box, click on the Insert Image button.
  5. You can choose to upload an image from your computer by clicking ‘Choose Files’, use a picture from your blog, use your Picasa Web Album, or upload a photo off a url. Uploading off of your computer is fairly simple, so the rest of this post will deal with using a photo on the internet.
  6. Go to the picture you want to embed.
  7. Right click.
  8. Click on ‘Copy Image Location’.
  9. Go back to the upload box on your blog and paste the image location into the appropriate text box.
  10. Press Add Selected.
  11. You should see the image show up in your compose box. You can now type in the text of your post.
  12. Click Publish Post and then View Post.
  13. Now that you know how to add pictures, we can move on to adding videos. Click on New Post.
  14. Type in a title.
  15. Click on the Insert Video button in the composes box.
  16. You can upload from your computer or from YouTube. As before we will be addressing YouTube videos because of the simplicity of uploading off of your computer. Search for the video you want.
  17. Once you find the video you want you can select it and click on Select.
  18. Type in the text you want.
  19. Click on Publish Post and then View Post.

Congratulations! You can now add videos and images onto your blog.

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  1. If I communicated I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

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